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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  September 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> we have learned about the potential bomb threats in airport parking garage. police are working to track down the source of this potential threat. what is the latest? >> i still active investigation, at dozens of officers standing by. not a lot of information. let's go to the tape and show you what our team found a woman got here. we found explosives detection teams, k-9 units during a floor
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by floor search of to parking garages. dale the garage of one and two it just west of the terminal. as for the terminal itself, it is fairly business as usual right now. passengers coming and going flights coming and going. that investigation continues. we were told about 7:30 tonight. they led a group of people go walking into one of the garages. again, we believe they are looking for potential explosive device. we have a k-9 units and the explosive teams going through those garages. no word on what they are looking for. if you are picking somebody up
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are planning to take a late bound flight, you should call your carrier. there could be some residual delays. we're standing by at dulle airport. >> we are monitoring a late developing story from prince george's county. police are searching for suspects after a man was shot and robbed at a bank. it happened on university boulevard. >> there are late developments tonight to a heartbreaking story of two local families. a teenager is dead and another one is fighting for life after a car crashes during the ride to school. they were on their way to liberty high school. >> it is tough for these teenagers, it just last week,
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they were walking the same hallways with ian the friend they lost. >> they did not say goodbye. he was the guy everybody really liked, taken to soon. a memorial held to remember the lacrosse player, up 16. -- just 16. >> we are never going to see him again. >> every day i would get on the bus, he would say, hi, little freshman. >> everybody had stories. they were written by way of messages. those candles are symbolic of a life that always lived up to the room. >> closure is very important.
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>> he just attracted kid to him he was like a firefly. >> friday, when i saw him he was happy. he was being ian. >> updates on his sister, who was in the car when it happened. she underwent several surgeries and is said to be doing fine. >> we are monitoring a new development in that heartbreaking story from the national zoo, the death of the panda cub. the chief veterinarian says mei xiang was cradling a plastic toy
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in the wake of the cobb's death. the letter did not look normal, but stopped short of issuing a cause of death. >> livers have a uniform color. >> they are not aware of anything that could have been done to improve the cub's chances of survival. in captivity, that the mortality rate is high. >> we are expected to know in about 48 hours whether or not union workers for papago could go on strike. -- pepco could go on strike. if that offer is rejected, it could lead to the first work stoppage since 1985. >> pepco and other maryland
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power companies had to answer some tough questions during a hearing today. utility officials said the so- called rate stabilization fee helps to pay for immediate cost. commissioners are considering changing their policies since many customers consider that to feed to be an insult. >> the federal judge has ruled the district can collect taxes on the roads customers pay for hotel rooms. companies of millions of dollars in unpaid taxes. dozens of similar lawsuits have been filed across the country. >> coming up a bizarre sight in montgomery county.
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hundreds of birds just light into the schools chimney. >> the war of words between the men running for president. "it's time to stand up to the cheaters and make sure we protect jobs for the american people." mitt romney? tough on china? romney's companies were called pioneers in shipping us manufacturing jobs overseas. he invested in fis that
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specialized in relocating jobs to low wage countries like china. even today part of romney's fortune is invested in china. romney's never stood up to china. all he's done is send them our jobs. i'm barack obamna and i approve this message. >> the war of words over international relations intensified. president obama called the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya >> the president's comments come after mitt romney told abc news that he could not imagine saying like something like the assassination of the ambassadors is a bump in the road. stay with abc 7 news, we will have complete coverage on the race for president.
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you can always go to and follow our facebook and twitter sites as well. >> many of you may have just watched the season premiere of dancing with the stars. >> will tell you why pamela anderson andis making headlines for what she is not doing off the dance floor. >> hundreds, possibly thousands of birds are using a school as a motel. >> a chilly ♪ ♪ i'd like to thank
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11 with leon harris, alison starling, and bob ryan. >> a wild side outside a
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montgomery county elementary school. hundreds of birds flew into the school's chimney. something unusual, to say the least. >> this is happening at oak view elementary school in silver spring. we are live with the video you do not want to mess. >> we believe these birds which are in that chimney our chimney -- are chimney swifts. it may be in their best interest to my great sand. eventually, the heat is going to be turned on at this school. >> i have not seen them yet, but i am looking forward to it. >> we noticed them last year. we thought they were bats. >> why did they come here?
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>> for the fourth straight night, he witnesses a breathtaking scene. >> they form a vortexes around the school. >> they are so synchronized. almost like a little ballet. >> one by one, they dive into the chimney. >> there they are. >> while those who gathered in joya this performance, they hope the birds move on quickly to their winter home in south america. at some point, the heat will be turned on it. >> i am sure they have evolved to figure out the heat comes out -- comes on and you have to get out. >> they are on their way to
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south america, i guess, and they are stopping by. >> montgomery county schools spokesperson assures me officials have become aware of this problem. dibble did their best to try to identify exactly -- and they will do their best to try to identify exactly where they stay at night. they will come up with a plan to protect both the birds and the building. >> an update on the bomb scare at dulles. >> we are told by investigators in their search has ended. those two garages have reopened and they found nothing in their search. officers with k-9 units did a
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search floor by floor, carbide cart. two daily garages near the terminal. operations resumed as normal as they are right now. nothing found in that search police say, so they are reopening those garages. nothing found, that is the good news. >> michael phelps is selling his baltimore townhouse for a big loss. it sold for $1.2 million. he purchased that property for $1.6 million. he lost nearly $450,000. >> pamela anderson says she has taken a vow of celibacy policy compete on "dancing with the
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stars." she is one of several former competitors. she has worn off men until november. >> that is what was wrong with her dancing. ok. >> i mean, tmi. thank you for sharing pamela. >> moving on to vote whether. -- on to the weather. the mind boggles. not a building near it, would not be prudent. -- not going in your id, would not be prudent. no prettier sight in the whole wide world. it is getting chilly. not only around washington already into the low 50's in the suburbs. the next few days, sunrise after 7:00.
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grade school and out in warrington, the temperature is 40 -- 45 degrees. there will be some spots into the high 30's. here is what is going on on doppler. the nearest showers out around colorado, some of that is the front that will be coming our way as we get into wednesday. skies, not a cloud in the sky. tomorrow morning, low 50's. hagerstown, low 40's. as we go through the day, the wind begins to turn south.
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during the afternoon even as chilly as tomorrow morning will be, it will rapidly rise into the 70's. all little whether fund begins to come our way and there could be some showers -- a little weather front begins to come our way. tomorrow overall, it will be warmer. after that chilly morning with temperatures in the high 30's, so bundled up early tomorrow morning. because of that boundary being right near us, you cannot rule out that there may be a passing shower. no big storms. by the weekend we are heading towards october, ready or not. everything is updated all the time, except the latest on pamela anderson. >> we have heard enough.
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>> why don't we go from pamela to be angelo hall. -- deangelo hall.
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>> he goes 3 for 4 but zimmerman was not the only zimmermann today. the bottom of the fourth, jason werth. he takes himself out. it is 4-1 nationals. later in the inning, scored -- same score. that is his 24th homer. >> there is no doubt about it. there is swinging the bats awfully good.
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>> the orioles are fighting to win or gets the wild card over oakland. they came a game behind new york. bottom of the fourth comment adam jones went 4 for 4. the birds when bank -- win 4-1. they could not fly that hike in the second game. a grand slam, the blue jays' win 9-5. the redskins' defense is in some disarray after losing starters to injuries. interesting turn of events considering the past two years of the shanahan area is large what kept them in the game. it was a backbone to lean on
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not so much this time around. >> we argue amongst each other. 14 points, 10 points, 21 points was a great day. the defense totally went out there and drop the ball. >> they are sticking with michael vick as their quarterback and will evaluate as they go. we would like to hear that.
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>> thursday at 11:00, i talk with the show's inspiration d.c. crisis manager judy smith. that is thursday at 11:00.
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i'm barack obama and i approve this message. some of our children's greatest experiences have been in the smaller classrooms. vo: but mitt romney says class sizes s don't matter... and he supports paul ryan's budget which could cut education by 20%. you can't do this by shoving 30, 35 people into a class and just teaching to some test... these are all issues that really he personally cannot relate to. toto be able to afford an education, to want the very best public ucation system for your children. [ male
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announcer ] this is america's manufacturing when president obama took office. this is china's. under obama, we've lost over half a million manufacturing jobs and for the first time china's beating us. seven times obama could've stopped china's cheating. seven times he refused. it's time to stand up to the cheaters and make sure we protect jobs forr the american people. [ male announcer ] barack obama: failing to stop cheating. failing american workers. i'm mittomney and i approve this message. >> it feels like october. >> some spots may feel like november tomorrow. some spots may be in the 40's.
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outdoor recess tomorrow. anncr: their dishonest ads are everywhere. a west virginia casino spending a fortune... totop question seven. they d don't want competition. the washington post wrote e casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore
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sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. voteor maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven.
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